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Why I Love Judo - by William Kidd

I started Judo when I was five. At first I was a bit shy and wouldn’t talk to Ross our instructor. But soon I got more confident and made great new friends in the class. The more Judo throws Ross taught us the more confident I got and I even started talking to Ross.

I love Judo because you can feel yourself getting better and better, the coaches teach me by slowing down moves so we can see them and help us pass our Judo grades.

It’s great to have other friends outside of school and we all go to competitions together as a team. Competitions are very exciting because people can see what I have learnt and I am excited about what might happen next. I look forward to seeing my friends there and we are a great team, they support me by shouting “Go On Will”. Winning medals and trophies is great but teams mates are better.

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