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Drake Judo Club BJA Club Number 8262

Well, it took a while but we are finally there! DJC is officially a British Judo Associated Club, It was over 2 months ago that Charles and I took the very bold decision to leave Plymouth Judo Club and strike out on our own. A decision that neither of us has questioned once, as I have mentioned previously we have been overwhelmed with the messages of support and of people volunteering their time to assist us. Running any sort of club or association is a hard task and cannot be done without a solid team.

On Tuesday evening last week Drake Judo Club held its inaugural committee meeting at a Public House in Tavistock, the evening was very productive and a lot of early essential decisions were made, however an interesting by product was that the evening was also very social and it was nice to be in the company of good people who all have a common goal, to make our Judo Club the very best it can be. Indeed it was the first committee meeting that I can remember ever attending where we actually stayed on after the meeting had closed for an informal chat.

Two days later on Thursday evening Charles and I hosted Sandra Klinger 3rd Dan who is the BJA's representative for the western area of which we are members and it was her job to sign off on the venue where we would be holding our classes (she has visited the Life Centre previously) after she had signed off on our venue she very kindly submitted our club for final sign off which happened on the Saturday, I believe Ella was our first official member even before Myself or Charles!

I hope this will be the first of many blog posts I will publish as Chairman and I hope to write a blog post when we have our 100th member

Yours in Judo


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